Can You Dig It? - This phrase emerged in the 1970's with many meanings including "do you understand", "do you enjoy", and "can you work it". As Pastor Dennis R. Hebert walks through the story of Isaac and his faith, listen intentionally for the voice of the Lord asking can you UNDERSTAND, can you ENJOY, can you ENDURE the process of faith... "Can You Dig It?" - Genesis 26 NKJV Download Now
I'll Catch You On the Rebound! - In a basketball game, as well as in life, attempts will be taken and shots will be missed, thus the need for a rebound. Pastor Dennis R. Hebert demonstrates through the life of Moses that God says "I'll Catch You On the Rebound!" - Exodus 2 NKJV Download Now
Transformed By Temptation! - Each of us have to deal with temptation in various forms, but we are not defined by the temptation... We are defined by how we respond to the temptation! Listen here as Pastor Dennis R. Hebert shows us how to fix our focus when God wants us to be "Transformed By Temptation!" - Romans 8:28 / James 1:12 NKJV Download Now
This Trouble is Changing Me! - Trials and tribulations will be apart of your Christian walk but you must trust God that every pain has a purpose. Listen here as Pastor Dennis R. Hebert explains how we must approach every trial in his sermon "This Change Is Changing Me!" - James 1: 2-8 NKJV/MSG Download Now
You're Hated Because You Changed! - If you're going to make changes this year, you must learn to deal with rejection. Find out how as Pastor Dennis R. Hebert preaches "You're Hated Because You Changed" - Psalm 118 Download Now  
The Star of the Party! - Our society is masterful at creating celebrities but who's the real star of the party? DRH Ministries presents "The Star of the Party" - Philippians 2: 9-11 Download Now  
Ready.jpg You Are Ready For It Now! - One of God’s top priorities for our lives is to see us grow in faith. He knows that a fair weather faith is neither dependable nor credible but a mature genuine faith can stand in the most dismal circumstances. This is why God finds it necessary to take us through wilderness seasons. These dark times are filled with adversity but designed specifically to prepare us for destiny. So be confident when facing the wilderness that God will not leave you but you will emerge from its struggles declaring I’m Ready for It Now! Download Now  
Failure2Faith.jpg From Failure To Faith - Failure in today’s society drags along with it an inescapable shame. People live their whole lives in fear of the idea that if they fail, they will be rejected never to overcome the defeat. As we grow in God and stretch to experience His best, we can count on facing some failures BUT be encouraged God has a plan for you! Listen now for ways to look defeat in the face and move FROM FAILURE TO FAITH. Download Now  
Strength.jpg He Is My Strength! - This year we are called to give an extra effort in all areas of our lives. However, God didn’t give us these instructions thinking we would do so without some level of fatigue. Fortunately for believers, we are equipped with help to provide the strength needed to progress forward. So don’t continue thinking you’re in this alone but declare right now “He is My Strength” and turn it up! Download Now
 Wrong.jpg You Wrong For That! - When a friend, loved one or even a stranger has done something special for you, your first reaction is to go tell someone. When you get a new house or find a new restaurant, you are inviting everyone to see and experience what you have discovered. But how often has God delivered you, comforted you and provided for you, and you have kept that news from the world? God is saying, “You Wrong For That!” Be used to help those around you who are lost and become a True Follower! Download Now
StopMind.jpg Stop Playing with My Mind! - As we embark on this new year, our minds must be the most guarded areas of lives, because whoever can get into your mind ultimately controls your destiny. Unfortunately, many of us will start strong but will fall victim to thoughts that lead to doubt, confusion and possibly defeat; but that is not the end! Regain control by declaring DEVIL STOP PLAYING WITH MY MIND! Download Now
212Principle_Expectation.jpg The 212 Principle: Expectation - 2012 is the year we are turning up our efforts and giving extra to the most important areas of our lives. Doing more, however, must be coupled with a higher level of expectation to really see all God has in store… EXPECTATION before MANIFESTATION! Download Now
212Principle_Determination.jpg The 212 Principle: Determination - Where God wants to take you this year will blow your mind but many of us will lose focus before June! So what does it take to finish the year strong? One word… DETERMINATION! Download Now
212Principle_Extra.jpg The 212 Principle: The Extra Effort - One extra degree of effort will take your life from hot to boiling. This message will jumpstart your 2012 by showing how your willingness to go the extra mile will produce SUPERNATURAL results. So what do you have to do? Just focus on 3 key areas and watch God do the rest! Download Now  
FearFactorSML.jpg The Fear Factor - So many of us are living miserable lives because the devil has us tied up with fear, but Jesus is asking us “Why are you so fearful? How is it that you have no faith?” Download this powerful message here entitled “The Fear Factor” to learn why we must confront fear and what we must do to overcome it – Fear is NO LONGER A FACTOR in our lives! Download Now  
Focused.jpg Focused - Many of us feel we could be further along in different areas of our lives but the problem is we cannot stay focused long enough to see the reward of our faith. We all seem to have the uncanny ability to become easily distracted losing sight of the goal. This lesson reveals sources of broken focus and exactly why it’s so important for us to stay FOCUSED! Download Now
Bitter.jpg Destroying the Root of Bitterness - Bitterness is a poison that will creep into your heart and distort how you perceive the circumstances of life. Surprisingly, people affected by bitterness wake up daily unaware of the effects bitterness is having on their personal progress. This message reveals three areas bitterness will appear and what you must do to DESTROY THE ROOT! Download Now
prayer.jpg Restoring Your Prayer Life - Communication is the key to growing any relationship. So why do we as believers think we can grow in Christ without effective and continuous communication thru prayer? This lesson will expose how the enemy will try to attack our relationship with God and what we must do to restore our prayer life! Download Now
GotPower.jpg Got Power? - Are you living a POWER life? Are you living life, as a believer, convinced you have a POWER inside that gives you an advantage others do not possess? This message will reveal exactly what occurs when you unleash the power of the Holy Spirit in your life! So ask yourself, GOT POWER? Download Now
Culture.jpg  Culture Shock - As a Christian, God did not cause you to become saved to act like a spiritual “weirdo”; rather He saved you to go out and change the world through the people you encounter. God wants you to shock the lives of others with the reality of Jesus Christ but you must recognize the power of influence you have to make impact. Listen here as we uncover the importance of our roles in society and what we must do to SHOCK the CULTURE. Download Now
Rejection.jpg Recovering from Rejection - Rejection is a common form of discouragement we all have to deal with in life. No matter when or how often it is encountered, rejection is never an easy pill to swallow. Unfortunately, if rejection is not dealt with properly, it can destroy the life God has intended for you! Learn here the keys you must consider when faced with this spirit, because if you’re going to live a life of abundance, you must learn how to RECOVER FROM REJECTION! Download Now
Stick.jpg Stick To It! - We will all encounter difficulties in life that will leave us feeling hopeless and wanting to give up! Despite the setbacks, justifiable excuses and tough circumstances, our ability to stick to a course of action will ultimately determine the quality of life we live in God. This inspiring message on commitment assures us change will come and what we must remember in order to Stick To It! Download Now
AllTiedUp.jpg All Tied Up! - God wants us to be whole in every area of our lives – spirit, soul and body. One way we accomplish this is through people and the relationships we develop. However, these relationships taken outside the proper boundaries, mentally or physically, can leave us broken. Learn here the importance of different types of relationships and what we must do when we find ourselves ALL TIED UP in the wrong ones! Download Now
Cycles.jpg Breaking Negative Cycles - Life is filled with cycles designed to carry us in and out of seasons on the road to our destiny. Unfortunately, if we are not aware of these cycles, both good and bad, we can miss the very place in God we have been searching for our whole lives. This message will uncover the dangers of negative cycles and what we must do to finally break the cycle for good! Download Now
ease.jpg Winning Over Worry: The Anointing of Ease - There are many circumstances which lead us to worry but worry does not fit who we are as Christians. Jesus shares with His disciples in Matthew 6 not to worry but trust the Father for all their needs. This lesson will identify the three most common causes of worry, the negative consequences and the victory we have over it through the anointing of Jesus Christ! Download Now  
Attitude.jpg A Comeback Attitude - At some point in life, we all will encounter situations and challenges that can easily bury us in despair; but when life attempts to bury you under the circumstances, your attitude becomes the difference maker! Tune in here to learn how God can transform your dark, uncomfortable season into VICTORY… all you need is A COMEBACK ATTITUDE! Download Now